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Personal Injury Attorneys in Carrollton

Being injured in any way can lead to emotional, mental, and social stress. A personal injury is an illegal action taken against another person that can be vindicated in court. Personal injury lawsuits are cases that take appropriate, legal action against the injurer so the injured can find justice.

Types of Injury Cases

There are many types of injury cases. A few examples of personal injury cases include:
  • Auto accidents
  • Auto insurance claims
  • Animal attacks
  • Medical malpractice
If you feel you have been injured by an individual, a group, a company or an institution such as a city or the state, you might be able to file a personal injury case. Consult with us to discover if your case has legal precedence and can be taken through the legal process.

Limits on Time

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For personal injury lawsuits in Georgia, there is a statute of limitations, or a time limit, that applies to all cases. Georgia gives the injured two years to file a lawsuit in court or else it will be dismissed completely. It is better to consult with seasoned professionals today in order to seek justice rather than wait until the time limit is up.

No Damage Caps

In Georgia law, there are no damage caps for personal injury cases. The Georgia State Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that damage caps violate the state constitution’s right to jury trial. Because of this, the repayment that can be made on your behalf varies from case to case. As our client, we will fight for you to get justice through the system.

Attorneys Who Will Take Care of You

In cases of personal injury, you want attorneys you know who will take care of your mental, emotional, and social state. At Dangle & Rooks LLC, we don’t just worry about getting your case through the system; we take care of helping you move past this injury by seeking justice on your behalf. Consult with us today and discover how you can get justice.